Break out from your cell.

Stop grinding your life away in a job that you hate, for a promotion that might not come, to pay for a 2 week holiday, that you can only take once per year. Free yourself. Stop staring at the TV each night. Stop caring so much about comic book superheroes. Stop scrolling through your social media feed. Read a book. Go outside. Start that business that you've been thinking about. Pick up the instrument that you gave up on. Go for a long walk. Learn that new language. Draw something terrible. Delete the food delivery app and cook yourself something new, from scratch. Talk to that old friend. Tell that person that you like them. Stop smoking. Hug your mum. Stop competing with your friends and your neighbours. Stop buying shit that you don't need on credit that you can't really afford. It's a trap.

Break out from your cell.

Stop thinking that good things only happen to 'lucky' people. You make your own luck. Don't sit there waiting for success to fall into your lap. Get up and make it happen. Be the author of your own destiny. Think it's all just about being in the right place at the right time? Put yourself in the right place at the right time. Take that course. Send that email to the person that inspires you. Do the research. Do that thing that you've been putting off. Ask questions. Learn to code. Stop giving up so easily, seriously. You only really fail if you give up. Just try. Just do something different. You will be surprised by where it leads. You will be surprised who you meet. You will be surprised by what you can create.

Break out from your cell. Do it.


Fractured Cell